Fake grass, astro turf, artificial grass… it’s known by many different names, and isn’t always as realistic looking as you might have hoped. But, at National Plastics we’re pleased to offer a truly fantastic range of artificial grass that is so realistic, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted it!

Why use artificial grass?

Your imagination is the only thing that might limit you when it comes to uses for artificial grass. You might want to keep it simple and replace real turf with fake grass, or you might want to bring the outdoors in, by having grass inside. Floors, ceilings, or walls, artificial grass can be installed anywhere – though always remember to use suitable fixings and check any regulation requirements beforehand.

The most popular use for artificial grass is to revamp tired gardens – there’s nothing more satisfying than laying fake grass in a concrete city garden, where grass is long a thing of the past. There’s also the possibility of getting the look of a modern living wall, without the maintenance!

It’s not only home owners and renovators who have developed a love of artificial grass, retailers have created fantastic window displays to attract shoppers, while bars and restaurants are installing themed areas to give a great atmosphere for their patrons.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can always go so far as to make bespoke furniture that won’t mind getting rained on… but we’ll leave that creativity up to you!

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What types of artificial grass are available?

All our artificial grass is sold by the metre, and comes in 2m or 4m widths and is available in our depots and on our website!

Vision Artificial Grass
27mm pile height

Pro Putt Artificial Grass
15mm pile height

Play Artificial Grass
16mm pile height

Meadow Artificial Grass
29mm pile height

Horizon Artificial Grass
25mm pile height

Fusion Artificial Grass
20mm pile height

Enigma Artificial Grass
37mm pile height

Elise Artificial Grass
27mm pile height

Eclipse Artificial Grass
30mm pile height

Breeze Artificial Grass
45mm pile height

Living Colours Artificial Grass
30mm pile height

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