Why install a waterbutt? Gardeners and allotmenteers are becoming increasingly aware of how their passion might affect the environment… One of the simplest ways to start being more environmentally friendly is to avoid using tap water, and instead install a waterbutt to begin harvesting rainwater.

Harvesting rainwater for use on your garden couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is attach a rainwater diverter to your guttering downpipe, connect that diverter to a waterbutt, and you’re all set to start harvesting all that rainwater!

Also, as well as being environmentally friendly, once installed a waterbutt has no on-going costs associated with it. AND, if you have a water meter, you could save money on the water bill too!

Waterbutt Diverter Connecting Downpipe to Waterbutt

Waterbutt Diverter Connecting Downpipe to Waterbutt

In case you need a bit more convincing as to the benefits of installing a waterbutt, here’s a few key reasons:

  • If you’re on a water meter you’ll save money on your water bill by using water harvested via a waterbutt, instead of using tap water. Not much explanation as to how needed here!
  • Don’t think you need a house to have a waterbutt… you can fit a waterbutt to any downpipe system, including smaller mini flow systems on sheds and greenhouses; perfect for the bottom of the garden, or at the allotment where you might not have quick access to mains water.
  • Once installed you can leave a waterbutt to do it’s thing and when it gets full it won’t overflow; the diverter will catch rainwater running down the downpipe leaving excess rainwater to continue on into the drain.
  • Utilising water harvested via a waterbutt can help keep your garden green when a hosepipe ban is be in force – you can still use all that water you stored up during the wetter months, even if there is a hosepipe ban!
  • By avoiding tap water and harvesting your rainwater you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint; if you don’t turn on your water tap, the water company won’t need to pump the water to you. If the water company don’t need to pump that extra bit of water, they won’t need to use so much energy running their pumps. Less energy usage means less carbon emissions, thus your carbon footprint will be reduced!
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