You probably already know that we are the ‘go-to’ place for all your building material needs… well, we’ve added to that strength and are now please to offer an EPDM cut-to-size service at 10 of our depots!

What is EPDM? EPDM rubber roofing is a quality flat roofing membrane and has proven to have a life expectancy of well in excess of 50 years. Easy to lay and with various options depending on the type of roof being covered, the product is fast becoming a favourite amongst roofers. It’s also used for gutter linings, shed roofs, commercial buildings and more, and with the green agenda becoming ever more important, it can also be used as a base for green roofs.

Cut-to-size EPDM is already available at Cheltenham, Cardiff, Newcastle, Portsmouth and Stafford, and will be launched at Poole, Taunton and Swansea over the next few weeks, followed by Corby and Wolverhampton in April.

If you cannot get to one of the above depots, you can always buy EPDM from us through our National Roofing website. National Roofing stocks everything you will need, whatever your roofing requirements, from cut-to-size to by-the-roll to adhesives and tools, National Roofing has it!

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